Mechanical Welded Cold Drawn Tube

This type of tube is manufactured by slitting a coil, which is then form into a round tube and welded into an ERW [Electric Resistance Welded] tube; which is then cold drawned through a die and mandrel, which controls the O.D. and I.D. of the product. This cold worked process increases mechanical properties and improves surface quality of the product.

Applicable Standars Prosankin

Applicable Standards:

· ASTM A513 Type 5 DOM (Drawn Over a Mandrel)
· ASTM A513 Type 6 S.S.I.D Special Smooth Inside
· JIS G 03445 –E-C
· EN 10305-2

Steel grades / Material:

· 1010
· 1020
· ST52.3
· HSLA (High strength low alloy)

Steel Grades Material Manufacturer

Industries that use this type of tube:

Tubular products for Tier 1, 2 and 3 suppliers
Company manufacturing CDS (Cold Drawn Seamless)
Steel tubes for furniture

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