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PROSANKIN (A4C-SANKIN PRECISION TUBE S.A.P.I) is a world class DOM (Drawn over Mandrel), CDS (Cold Drawn Seamless) tubes manufacturer. Strategically based in Monterrey, Mexico, we supply the Automotive and Industrial markets with our wide dimensional range products.


We begin operations from our Monterrey Plant

Mechanical Welded Cold Drawn Tube


Cutting and chamfering machine

CDS (Cold Drawn Seamless) tubes manufacturer


Obtained IATF Certification



Atmosphere controlled Normalizing furnace installed

CDS (Cold Drawn Seamless) tubes manufacturer


New Cut and Chamfering machine acquired

Prosankin Our Company

Our engineering team works with our customers to develop tailor-made products for applications such as shock absorbers, suspension parts, steering, supports and bushings, propeller shafts, stabilizers, etc. PROSANKIN can further process the tubes and deliver cut to length and chamfered parts directly to your assembly line.

In PROSANKIN we have the shortest lead time in group 1 DOM Sizes. Having stock readily available at tube or coil to respond quickly to our customer needs.

Our company has a focus on continuous improvement, and customer centricity for serviceability to meet the customer needs.

Prosankin is backed by companies with more than 70 years’ experience

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· Leading Tube Supplier in Mexico

· 1,000,000+ MT Anual Capacity

· 2,000+ Employees

· Facilities in Mexico and United States

· Over 70 Years of Experience, 15+ in Automotive Market

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· Leading DOM Tube Supplier in Japan Specialized in Automotive

· Supplies Asia and Australia Automotive Market from Japan and Thailand

· 400+ Employees

· Over 70 Years of Experience

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· Top Ten Steel Producer in the World
(2nd Japan), Vertically Integrated

· Trading/Commercial Branch with 60+ Locations

· 31,000,000+ MT Annual Capacity

· 58,000+ Employees

· Global operations

Ubicación Prosankin in México

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